‘Tis our quarrels that spoil our prayers -Mather

Up at 6, had news on the radio in my room, dressed and come out at 6:45 and Mary was not dressed yet. Breakfast at 7:30, work done. I had to see Mr Ball at 10 o’clock and mailed a letter to Anna.

Mr Ball rewrote our will in just my name only, and we sent it and all my stocks by insured mail to Ramona. I went tot he bank and got $300.oo worth of traveler’s checks, and also wrote Mr Ball a check for his services for $75.75. Went by to see Mr Hunter at the funeral home and got some more sympathy cards, some stamps and came home. Had dinner.

In PM, wrote to Auto AAA and sent membership dues and to Ramona about the stocks I mailed to her this morning. Supper at 6:30.