I recently received several of my great great grandmother’s journals from my uncle. In the course of reading them, I realized that it would be interesting to transcribe them to a blog providing comments and/or links to the every day things that my gggrandmother referred to in her entries. It is intriguing to me to see this glimpse of day to day life in those days.

I am adding links where I can find references.  Reading these entries also has explained a lot about my own desire to journal, write, and log practically everything…guess it is in the genes.  I also thought this would be a good way to share her journals with the rest of the family who might not get to see them otherwise. I am hoping that some family might read this and be able to fill in some of the gaps as well.

Please note that for the most part, I am trying to keep to her grammar and spelling of things, even if considered incorrect today.

I named this blog “A Silent Secretary” based on the name of the diary books she used.