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August 31 1956

‘Tis our quarrels that spoil our prayers -Mather

Up at 6, had news on the radio in my room, dressed and come out at 6:45 and Mary was not dressed yet. Breakfast at 7:30, work done. I had to see Mr Ball at 10 o’clock and mailed a letter to Anna.

Mr Ball rewrote our will in just my name only, and we sent it and all my stocks by insured mail to Ramona. I went tot he bank and got $300.oo worth of traveler’s checks, and also wrote Mr Ball a check for his services for $75.75. Went by to see Mr Hunter at the funeral home and got some more sympathy cards, some stamps and came home. Had dinner.

In PM, wrote to Auto AAA and sent membership dues and to Ramona about the stocks I mailed to her this morning. Supper at 6:30.


August 30 1956

Truth is the highest thing that man may keep -Chaucer

Breakfast over and work done. I went downtown to get my black shoes where I had new heels put on them. Dean took me to get my RR ticket to Quincy, back home and had dinner.

In PM, we went over to the Grunhouse when Dean went out to Bob’s to fix their washing machine. We saw the new air conditioning  and the flowers and called on the newly weds and saw the birds. Then Mrs Bob Robbins took us out to see their lovely home and brought us back.

Dean got home soon and we had supper. Mary made some wondering cream puffs and we had them for dinner and again for supper. I sent Ramona a letter about the two boxes of express.

August 29 1956

A ll human power is comparative -Unknown

Today is the birthday of my dear mother. Up at 06:30, had listened to the news. Came out at 6:45, Mary was just up. We got breakfast, did work and went downtown.

I got a new brown hat and my lovely newly mounted ring. My engagement stone in center, and mother’s ear ring stones on either side. It is a lovely setting. Went for my shoes, where he put on new heel caps, but they were not ready. Saw Mr Ball for an appt which is to be Friday.

Mary did some shopping and we came home. Dean worked on his garage. In PM, I went over to see Ruth and her mother.

Supper over, I called Mrs Powell about Mary Jane.

August 28 1956

There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so -Shakespeare

Another nice day. Mary was up early and got a big washing started. I heard her and I got up and got breakfast going. We have a lot of good things to eat.

After breakfast, I did dishes and hung some of the clothes on the line. Went over to see Ruth and her mother and came back to help with dinner.

In PM, I did some ironing on the board and Mary did the rest on her ironer. Dean is rebuilding his garage and making new doors. We had one package of our strawberries for supper tonight.

August 27 1956

Suspicion often haunts the guilty mind -Shakespeare

A beautiful morning in the mountains. Up and had breakfast, packed up and were off by 9:15, home 10:15 unpacked again did packing of Ramona‘s deep frier and my box I was sending and go them both on their way to California in PM, charges $5.13 exp.

Then Dean took me up to my old neighborhood and I saw all of them then walked back home. We had supper at 6 o’clock, blueberry muffins and ice cream for dessert. Had news and read in evening until bed time.

I brought back two boxes of frozen strawberries from the Powell’s.

August 26 1956

Rust wastes more than use -French

A lovely sunny day ahead. We did the work and went on a long hike about two miles, I would say. Got some mushrooms, and started on our way home. It was then nearly noon.

Just as we reached the girl scout camp, we met a car. It was Mary‘s sister in law, trying to locate Mary and Dean, a call from home. Of course we all anticipated the worst, and when they went to the phone at Glen Haven, they discovered it was only a birthday message to Dean for Aug 25.

Everyone much relieved. Then Mary‘s brother and wife and two grandchildren came back and we all had a nice dinner and they stayed quite a while. We had a bit to eat, read a while and went to bed.

August 25 1956

Necessity never made a good bargain -Franklin

Up at 7 o’clock, had breakfast, cleaned up the house and I went to town for groceries. When I got back, Mary was baking a cake to take with us to the cabin for over the weekend. We had dinner and as soon as the work was done, we packed up the car with a lot of good things to eat and were off. A nice trip up through the mountains.

We were an hour and a half on the way. We unpacked, and moved in, had fires going soon and supper by 6 o’clock.

In eve, Mary and I worked some crosswords puzzles and Dean read.

To bed at 9:30.

August 24 1956

A work ill done must be twice done -Unknown

Up for breakfast, cleaned up the morning work.

Mary fixed a lunch for Dean and he and Joe Briner went up to the cabin to do some surveying.

I went downtown to shop a little and while there went to get an appt with Mr Ball and to see about stocks transfer to Ramona. Then to Coulters where I bought an electric skillet for Mary. Had lunch and went for my 2:15 appt with Mr Ball. We came home and Dean returned and we had supper.

In eve, news on radio, read a while and went to bed. In eve, Mary‘s brother, Rolland and wife came by. They had spent the week at Dean‘s cabin.

August 23 1956

Living on trust is the way to pay double -Unknown

Back to Loveland, up for breakfast, did work, talked, fixed things for dinner etc. After dinner, Mary and I went downtown and I brought a house coat, a wool knit suit and a new wrist watch, the really first new things I have had since coming to Colorado from Tennessee.

We came home and found the man here to collect the last $100.00 on Maurice’s monument. I wrote him a check, then we listened to Vice President Nixon’s acceptance speech followed by President Eisenhower’s acceptance speech.

Mamie was introduced and a badge of merit was given to young David Eisenhower. The Republican Convention came to an end.


August 22 1956

Praise a fool, and you may make him useful -Danish

Time to start home to Loveland. The Bowles to come along. Breakfast over, they came down and we left at 10 o’clock, over to Nederland and down Boulder Canyon. In Boulder, we called at the home of the Garton’s, old neighbors of ours up in our valley.We found him fine and looking, but she very crippled up with arthritis. But quite cheerful and very happy to see us.

On our way again. We got to Longmont just at noon and I took all to lunch. Then left for Loveland. Went to see our home and to Dean‘s. They stayed an hour or so and left for Denver.

We had supper at 6 o’clock, news etc and heard some of the Republican Convention.