Alta Gordon is my great great grandmother on my biological father’s side of the family. Maurice is her second husband.

Ramona is my great grandmother and Alta’s daughter. Ben is Ramona’s husband and my great grandfather.

Harriet is Ramona’s daughter and my grandmother. Wayne is Harriet’s husband and my grandfather.

Bob and Alta (named after her grandmother) are Harriet’s siblings, and my great aunt and uncle. Great Uncle Bob was married to Great Aunt Thelma, and Great Aunt Alta was never married but had a long term relationship with who I knew as Great Aunt Vie.

Bennie and Ricky are my biological father and my uncle and are Harriet’s sons. Bennie’s name was actually Wayne but went by his middle name so as not to be confused with his father (my grandfather Wayne) and my uncle’s name is Richard but I grew up calling him Uncle Rick.

Chas and E.G. are mentioned frequently. I think Chas might be GGrandma Ramona’s brother.

The Gauthier’s are mentioned as business contacts for Maurice’s work.

Dean and Mary seem to be close local friends. The Hendreschkes (sometimes called Mr and Mrs H), Mr K, and several others are neighbors that help out.