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August 21 1956

He who does not advance recedes -Latin

Mrs Gauthier and I got up at 7 o’clock, had breakfast and soon Mr Brickey came for me and we went over his layed out roads and some partly finished ones.

I saw such a change in everything, I could not keep track of where I was. He has sold most of Gordon Kent 40 but only three acres on The Highlands that we owned. He brought me back to the Gauthiers.

In PM, we took the Bowles to Rollinsville and they entertained us for lunch. Got some groceries and came home. Mrs Gauthier asked them down for supper.


August 20 1956

Who ventures nothing has no luck -Spanish

Still at the cabin-We were up at 7 o’clock, had breakfast and dressed and went up to see the Stones and their lovely mountain home, then on to the Brickey’s and the Highlands. Mrs B met us with a warm welcome and said come right in, lunch is ready, but we soon saw she had guests and we declined, but no acceptance by her.

We had a lovely chicken dinner followed with dessert. Her guests were nice and we enjoyed it all. Mr Brickey was in Denver.

Later when we got home and asked me to let him come for me Tuesday am and show me his new roads and where he had sold off lots on the first 40 acres.

August 19 1956

Bad memory has its root in bad attention – Unknown

Up at 7:30 – were ask for breakfast up to the Greg Goetz cabin. It was raining but we go there about 10 o’clock. Mrs Goetz had been quite sick the night before and stayed at the Gauthier‘s and Mr G went up to stay with Greg. Our breakfast was prepared by Greg and consisted of fruit, pancakes, bacon, eggs and coffee. It was fine.

We did not leave there until about 2 o’clock, then went to the Severin’s Fine Dinner Club, saw the lovely dining room and lobby and visited until about 4pm.

Went home, it rained all day and was very foggy.

When we got home, Mrs G packed up the grandchilden’s clothes, and Mr G and the children left for Arvada about 6:45. She and I stayed.

August 18 1956

A good example is the best sermon -Fuller

Had a late breakfast, got ready and went to see old friends at Nederland, then to Rollinsville, where we found Marion and Henry, Mr Crow, and met some new friends of the Gauthiers. I received a very warm welcome from all.

We had lunch there and went home in the rain.

I was invited to the Bowles’ for supper and Mr Gauthier took me up about 6 o’clock and came for me at 9:30. We had a nice visit and got a lot of the old times talked over. The Bowles are very sad over Homer’s death, but are trying to be brave. We wept some together over both our late losses.

August 17 1956

When one will not, two cannot quarrel -Spanish

Up for breakfast at 7:30. Afterward, dressed and went down town to get a neck scarf and gloves. Home and Dean and Mary took me to the bus station.

Bus was late, and we did not get to Denver until nearly noon. I had lunch and then took a taxi to Mr Gauthier’s office and left my grip and went shopping, and to see Mr Burbank.

Got back to the office and Mr Gauthier and I left for the cabin about 6 o’clock. Got some sweet corn from a farmer and arrived at the cabin about 7:30.

Had supper, visited late and Mrs G and I didn’t go to sleep until the clock struck three. A long day and I was tired.

August 16 1956

Better an empty purse than an empty head -German

Nice morning, had breakfast. Mary did some washing and I went down town for a while, and looked for a house coat but found nothing. Bought a pair of blue shoes, put them on and left my brown ones to have the heels fixed.

Came home, had dinner and had brought home a few groceries from Safeway.

In PM, heard more of the Democratic Convention and they are still fighting over the civil rights. Had supper and news.

In eve, packed my grip to take to Denver. Went to bed at 9:30.

August 15 1956

A wise man knows evertyhing; a shrewd one, everybody -Unknown

Nice morning, up and had breakfast about 7:30. I wrote a letter to Chas and Gladys and one to Ramona.

Later wrote to Mrs Campbell. Called about bus time to Denver and called Mr Ball for an appointment for tomorrow. Paid The Post carrier and stopped the paper.

Mary ironed today and I ironed what she washed for me, and we answered some more sympathy cards. Nice dinner at noon and supper at 6 o’clock.

Convention in evening, they are having a big time and a lot of fights. Stevenson seems to be leading as a candidate.

August 14 1956

Better keep peace than make peace -Dutch

Back in Loveland

Fine morning, I slept very well. Heard Mary up and doing a big washing. I felt very trembly when I got up, but some breakfast did help out.

The Democratic Convention is on in Chicago, and I have listened some to it. Listened yesterday while at the cabin while Dean and Mary were gone. They are having quite a session.

In PM, went and paid gas and electric bills and tried to see The Post to stop it but I failed. We went to Safeway and go a few things and home to supper. Heard more of the Demo Convention and news and to bed.

I called Gauthier while down town.

August 13 1956

Anger is brief lunacy -Horace

I got up at 6 o’clock and let the dogs out. They were gone quite a while but So Big came back and I expected Toy soon but she did not come. It went on for two hours and she still did not come. I became worried and began a search for her. She was not to be found. We expected to come back to Loveland before noon, but when she was still missing, Dean and Mary went and I stayed. They were coming back later.

It came to be noon, and no Toy. I imagined some animal had caught and killed her, but about 2 o’clock, she came, from where, I do not know, tired and hungry. She laid down and slept. Dean and Mary came back and were expecting to stay over night but found her there so we came down.

Left dogs with the Garners and I hope they will be happy.

August 12 1956

In prosperity, caution; in adversity, patience -Dutch

At Dean’s cabin:

A beautiful morning, cool and clear. Got up about 7 o’clock. Had our breakfast at 8. Did morning work and rested until time for dinner.

In PM, I took the dogs and went for a hike. They loved it. I got a pretty bouquet of flowers and ferns. In PM, we all rested and visited. We had a light supper about 7 o’clock and retired about 9:30.