Bad memory has its root in bad attention – Unknown

Up at 7:30 – were ask for breakfast up to the Greg Goetz cabin. It was raining but we go there about 10 o’clock. Mrs Goetz had been quite sick the night before and stayed at the Gauthier‘s and Mr G went up to stay with Greg. Our breakfast was prepared by Greg and consisted of fruit, pancakes, bacon, eggs and coffee. It was fine.

We did not leave there until about 2 o’clock, then went to the Severin’s Fine Dinner Club, saw the lovely dining room and lobby and visited until about 4pm.

Went home, it rained all day and was very foggy.

When we got home, Mrs G packed up the grandchilden’s clothes, and Mr G and the children left for Arvada about 6:45. She and I stayed.