Anger is brief lunacy -Horace

I got up at 6 o’clock and let the dogs out. They were gone quite a while but So Big came back and I expected Toy soon but she did not come. It went on for two hours and she still did not come. I became worried and began a search for her. She was not to be found. We expected to come back to Loveland before noon, but when she was still missing, Dean and Mary went and I stayed. They were coming back later.

It came to be noon, and no Toy. I imagined some animal had caught and killed her, but about 2 o’clock, she came, from where, I do not know, tired and hungry. She laid down and slept. Dean and Mary came back and were expecting to stay over night but found her there so we came down.

Left dogs with the Garners and I hope they will be happy.