The merciful man doeth good to his own soul -Proverbs11:17

Temp 60-80° F

Another day and the same things to do. Berries to pick this AM, packing and trying to make ready to sell the house.

About noon, Mrs Griggs came with a hot dish for our dinner. Everyone so kind and thoughtful.

In PM, the undertaker came to see about the home insurance, so it could be settled. I signed the papers for him. Always something to remind me. I must try to be brave and attend to business along with other things.

Mary and Dean were over, Mrs Hendreschke, Mrs Griggs and a friend, etc. We try to relax in the evening and see TV a while.

Ramona got a nice letter from Ben today. Dean, Mary and we went to see Miss Taylor at the hospital and take her a potted plant.