Riches either serve or govern the possessor -Horace

Temp 62-78° F

Watering day and I was out at 5 o’clock. Came in at seven and had breakfast and back to the watering.

Ramona taking over the inside work. Cleaning the couches and packing things. The Equitable man came to see about Maurice’s insurance and I signed some papers.

Some one here all the time on business or to do some thing for me. Dean and Mary, Mrs Powell, Mrs Griggs and others. Life goes on, through those whom we love are gone. We eat, and sleep, just to live, and have heartaches and joy as we do our earthly duties.

Letters still come from friends. Sympathy to help me, know I am not alone. A nice letter from Gladys and Chas and an invitation to visit them came today.