Truth did never his master shame -Chaucer

Temp 60-78° F

A terrible day. Maurice so much worse. I called Dean at 8 o’clock. He came. I ask him to see Dr Brown and he did. Came back later to say the Dr would be out. I got breakfast and Maurice tried to come out but could not. I fed him a few bites in bed.

Did house work and put up the clean curtains in the bedroom. Put a chicken on to stew. Maurice did get to the table and ate some dinner and had news.

In PM, I washed windows and put up clean curtains in breakfast room, picked the raspberries and got supper. He could not come to the table, so I gave him some supper in bed. Dr Brown came about 7:30, gave him a shot and more new medicine which was delivered.

Sat Eve Post came today.