It is better to be alone than in bad company -Washington

Temp 60-74° F

Much cooler. I got out early and set the spray on the west lawn in front. It seemed very dry. Came in at 6:30 and got breakfast. Then put the water on the lawn back of the house. Did morning work and dressed and went for groceries. Got home at 11 o’clock, put things away and got dinner.

In PM, it clouded in all over. Two big planes are missing over the Grand Canyon. Rain a bit about 4 o’clock. I picked a pint of red raspberries, started to use the sweeper and Mrs Webster and sons came.

After they left, I finished sweepting and got supper. We had Two For The Money, Central City opening night and Lawrence Welk.

Maurice more comfortable since it is cooler. Mary sent over some cake, it is nice.