Beware the fury of a patient man -Dryden

60-80° F

Had on the heat a while this morning. I got up at 4:15 to let Toy out but went back to bed until 5 o’clock. Went out and pulled weeds a while and came in and got breakfast. Had news and weather. I did morning work and went out ot pick berries. Mr H came to help me. I took a box to Vonnie and one to Mrs Gresham and put on in the box and fixed some for our dinner. Got some for Mrs Hend also.

After dinner, had the corn and, Mr H helped me, at 4 o’clock began to water and continued until 9 o’clock. Set the spray and came in to hear Groucho and Dragnet. Moved the water between times.

Dean and Mary were over and I gave them the box of berries I had on the box.

Got Ladies Home Journal. I cut front lawn today.