Friendship is the bond of reason -Sheridan

Temp 66-90° F

Up at 4:30 and out picking strawberries. Had so many I put some in boxes and took 4 over to Grigg’s. They were very glad to have them and said they would take all I had. I got breakfast, and then went back with 6 more boxes. The 4 were sold when I got there. I got $3.00 for the 10 boxes. I put two containers of strawberries in the freezer at Powells. Gave Mrs H enough to make several glasses of gam and had some for our dinner.

In PM, I watered until supper time. Cut the grass in the back yard.

Had supper and news. Saw Groucho, Dragnet and watered the front yard.

Got letter from Ramona and Coronet Magazine.