From the Silent Secretary diary, excerpts from June:

June Jottings

Summer arrives at 5:24am EST on the 21st, when the sun reverses its northward course above the Tropic of Cancer and starts back south again. (The exact time matters, beacuse time differences, explained on the page preceding August, may mean that summer comes to otehr parts of the world on a different date.) A total eclipse of the sun, to be seen only in the South Pacific, occures on June 8th. Flower of the month is the rose, and the birthstone is the pearl.

Wedding Anniversaries

The most popular month for weddings naturally contains the greatest number of anniversaries. The following list, published in 1948 by the Jewelry Industry Council, shows gifts appropriate for modern anniversaries. Traditional anniversaries (where different) are included in parentheses.

1st-Clocks (Paper); 2nd-China (Cotton); 3rd-Crystal, Glass (Leather); 4th-Electrical Appliances (Books); 5th-Silverware (Wood); 6th-Wood; 7th-Desk Sets, Pens, Pencils; 8th-Linens and Laces; 9th-Leather; 10th-Diamond Jewelry (Tin); 11th-Fashion Jewelry; 12th-Pearls, Gems; 13th-Textiles, Furs; 14th-Gold Jewelry; 15th-Watches (Crystal); 16th-Silver Holloware; 17th-Furniture; 18th-Porcelain; 19th-Bronze; 20th-Platinum (China); 25th-Sterling Silver Jubilee (Silver); 30th-Diamond (Pearl); 35th-Jade; 40th-Ruby; 45th-Sapphire; 50th-Golden Jubilee; 55th-Emerald; 60th-Diamond Jubilee.