Nothing is beautiful from every point of view -Horace

Temp 58-60° F

Nice rain last night. Up later, got pancake breakfast, did dishes, swept the carpets, dusted, emptied trash, and slops and got dinner. Did dishes, cleand up and rolled my hair up, dressed and at last sat down for a bit to read The Sunday Post when Mr Hendreschke came and ask if I would like to go for a little ride. Maurice insisted I go, and have a little change of scene so I went. We drove out toward Estes Park a ways and turned up to a side road and came by Masonville and back. Was gone about an hour. I did enjoy it.

We had a bite of ice cream and coookies and at 6 o’clock saw The Amateur Hour, The $64,000 Challenge, What’s My Line, partly, electricity off for half of it. Then Ed Sullivan and Guy Lombardo. Maurice listened from his bed.