To err is human, to forgive, divine -Pope

Temp 58-70° F

Some wind this AM, breakfast and news. Did house work and went with Mr H to Safeway about 10 o’clock. Home and put things away and walked over to Grigg’s to get the rest of the things I needed.

Back and got dinner, had news and the weather man said rain tonight. After dinner I tried to do some watering, but the wind blew so hard I gave up, and it was just as well for soon after supper, it began to rain a little. Dean and Mary came by on their way home from the cabin.

Supper and news. In the eve, The Big Surprise, Two For The Money, part of the Ozark Jubilee and Lawrence Welk.

Mail brought Mother’s Day gift from Ramona and card. Also a letter. She sent me hose and pearl beads. I washed my hair in the PM.