Self conquest is the greatest of victories -Plato

Temp 68-76° F

Warmest day to date. Breakfast at 6:50, news and weather. I did morning work and went out to plant 1 doz petunias, also reset the big rock at the driveway, watered the flowers.

Had a visit with Mrs Grisham and came in and got dinner, had news. Washed the dishes and went back out to the garden and began watering, while watering I hoed the two onion rows and two rows of raspberries between changes of the hose then cleaned out a lot of weeds in the rose hedge, and hoed it and the tulip bed.

Came in at 5 o’clock, got supper had news. At 6 o’clock heard and saw The Millionaire and This Is Your Life, later Arthur Godfrey and His Friends.

Mail brought our book back from the Luan Co, where we mailed our check. Maurice sent out the Equitable check to the bank.