A smile makes a good beginning.

Temp 50-68° F

Nice day up at 5 o’clock, breakfast at 6, did house work and went to the garden where I spend all of my time.

The Rawley man came and I got 5# of dust for garden pests. Worked until 11 o’clock and came in and got dinner. Had news and weather. Did dishes and went back to work. Planted two tomato plants and began spading out for more lawn in backyard. Mr H. came over and helped me a while. Watered the newly planted ferns and trumpet vines Dean brought yesterday.

Came in at 5 o’clock and got supper, had news, Inside Story, The $64,000 Question, Reader’s Digest Studebaker Program, Do You Trust Your Wife?, and Big Story.

No mail except Sat Eve Post.