From The Silent Secretary diary, excerpts from May:

Poetry and Sentiment

Mother’s day, which annually falls on the second Sunday of the month, is May 13th this year. At first observed primarily by the wearing of a carnation when going to church, Mother’s Day has become a gay, though reverent, festival for mothers generally. In many fmailies it is occasion for lavish gifts and special treats for the lady of honor, and often several generations of mothers receive the moage of children and grandchildren.

Memorial Day, the 30th (observed on April 26th for some states of the South and on May 10th in the Carolinas), is another day of sentiment. Meantime, in the month that has the hawthorne for its flower and the emerald for its birthstone, Rhode Island observes Independence Day on the 4th, and North Carolina celebrates the Mecklenburg Independence Day on the 20th. Signs of the zodiac are Taurus, to the 21st, and Gemini thereafter.