Hurry is the weakness of fools -Gracian

Temp 42-60° F

Ramona’s birthday! Nice morning a bit cloudy early. Breakfast and news.

I did house work and was outside to work by 8:30. I transplanted 6 raspberries down where some were missing, raked the newly plowed ground back to the path and came in to get dinner. We had news and weather.

In PM, I cultivated the asparagus, cut the lawn after sharpening the lawnmower blade, and transplanted some Mastodon strawberries. Mr K was over a while.

I came in at 4:30 and went to the store, then home and got supper, had news and Starr.

In eve, Godfrey, The Millionaire, and This Is Your Life.

Mail brought a card from Mrs Bowles.