All human power is comparative

Temp 42-60° F

Nice day. I got breakfast, had news and weather. Did house chores and went out to water the front lawns. About 9:30, Mr Briggs came to plow the garden. He was done in about an hour and charged $3.00 but did a good job.
I came in and got dinner.

In PM, I planted a row of onion slips, and a row of onion sets, and then cleaned up and went to the store and brought back two bags of groceries. Mr H and Rogers family and the visitors took a trip through the mts. When they returned. Mr H and I went to Safeway to get more groceries. Back and got supper, news.

In eve, The Big Surprise, Como, Two For The Money, and Lawrence Welk.

No mail, but sent out birthday card to Ben and Ramona.