Praise a fool, and you may make him useful -Danish

Temp 46-56° F

Cool and had some rain during the night. Breakfast over, I cleaned and dusted the house and dressed and went up on 14th to the drug store, back by Grigg’s and got groceries, then went to the Bath’s to see how Mr B’s broken legs was doing. It is in a cast above the knee, but seems to be doing OK.

Home and got dinner. In PM, I planted the three little trees Mr H brought us from the mtns; a spruce, a cedar, and a pine. Hope they grow. Came in, as it was windy and cold.

Supper at 5 o’clock, The Big Surprise at 5:30, Como, Two For The Money, and Lawrence Welk.

Got year’s statement of business from Home Life Insurance Co.