From The Silent Secretary diary, a blurb about Daylight Saving Time:

Extra Evening Daylight

For millions of people in localities using daylight saving time during the summer months, Sunday April 29th is the date to remember. On this last Sunday in April, clocks are set ahead one hour. The “fast time” remains in effect until the last Sunday of September in many cities, although recently some areas have extended the period for another month, to the last Sunday in October. The change of time causes some confusion, but most folks like the extra evening daylight. Tourists can travel later, golfers can play longer, and homeowners have time to cut the grass before dark. Daylight saving time, most popular in the metropolitan areas, is the same as the normal standard time of the next zone to the east. Thus Central Daylight Time is the same as Eastern Standard Time. For example, after Chicago advances its clocks, it has the same time as Michigan, which uses EST all year.