Wise men learn more from fools than fools from the wise -Cato

Temp 32-50° F

Nice sunny day. Breakfast, pancakes and sausage, syrup and coffee. I ate alone, later Maurice got up and ate. About 8:30am I did dishes, made an orange cake, and rice pudding and got dinner by 12:30pm. Heard Dr Sockman in the AM.

As soon as dinner was over, Maurice laid down again. I did dishes and cleaned myself up. Sat down to look over the Sunday Post and Dean and Mary came. They said it was so warm and nice. They thought Maurice might like to go for a short ride. We went, but when he got home he had to go right to bed. Dean and Mary stayed a while and we had some ice cream and cake.

In eve, Sullivan, Ted Mack, and What’s My Line. The panel was very sad and had little enthusiasum. Fred Allen was not there, poor Fred.