Memory is the mother of all wisdom -Aeschylus

Temp 12-32° F

Still cold but warming up some. Breakfast, news and weather. I did dishes and Maurice went back to bed a while and I put the electric pad on his side.

I made a rice pudding and some brownies and got dinner. Had news and weather. I did dishes, burned the trash and emptied the slops. Took some food to the cats and went in to the hens for a minute. Back and shoveled some snow out back. Went to the store and back home.

Got supper, had Inside Story.

In eve, The $64,000 Question, and Big Town, not much on TV tonight.

Got magazine from Chas, and Sat Eve Post and sent out check to the bank and report to Equitable. Maurice worked on Gauthiers tax income report a while.