The merciful man doeth good to his own soul -Proverbs 11:17

Temp -6 to 20° F

Very cold one of the coldest of winter to date. Breakfast at 6:45am, news and weather. Some snow feel just during the AM, but stopped before noon.

I was busy around the house until dinner time. Wrote to Thelma, we ate at 12 and had news and weather. It is to be warmer tomorrow.

In PM, I put a coat of varnish on back of the cabinet doors and painted the back of the cabinet and put shellack on front and top of it.

Got supper. During the day, Maurice got his report ready for Equitable that the Dr filled out. I sent out Ramona’s and Thelma’s letter. Supper, in eve, Firestone, Montgomery and Talent Scouts.

Mail brought a letter from Bennie and some drawings and dividend check from Life and Casualty $22.35.