Truth is often eclipsed but never extinguished -Livy

Temp 44-60° F

Nice morning, up early but did not get breakfast at over. I did work and Maurice stayed up and got his questionaire ready for the Dr.

I went to Grigg’s and mailed a letter on the way to Equitable. Stopped over to see Mrs Dennis. I called the laundry and the Dr. and he wanted to send out and get Maurice some x-rays. I wasn’t sure he could go but hurried home and told him and he said yes, he would try it. I helped him drive and they came for him about 11:45am. He went and took is exam and had x-rays of his back, side and chest. We do not know yet what they show. We will let us know later.

He got home about 2 o’clock and I got his dinner. We did little. In PM, supper, and news.

In eve, Big Town, The Line Up, Person to Person and Dr Hudson and Godfrey.

Got letter and check for $100.00 from Gauthier.