Sorrow is brief but joy is endless -Schiller

Temp 16-32° F

Sunny again and some melting during the day. Breakfast at 7 o’clock. Pancakes and sausage. Did work and put a pork roast to cook.

About 11:30 Mrs Powell’s boys came and called me to the phone. A call from Ben and Ramona. I talked to them about 10 minutes, they expected to go to see Mrs Pigg and on to see Gordon’s folks. All well with them.

Home and got dinner on the table. In PM, saw Omnibus. Fed the dogs and got supper. Maurice has been in bed most of the day.

I also wrote to the Bowles and asked Jewell to take it and mail it in Denver. They were up today.

In eve, Ed Sullivan, Ted Mack, and What’s My Line and to bed.