To industry nothing is impossible -Latin

Temp 14-24° F

Quite cold again this AM and another inch of snow. Sun seemed to be trying to shine. We had breakfast and news. I did work and started to sew, when Dean came to put in our wall light in the bedroom of course no more sewing.

I helped him get things out of his way and got dinner for all three of us. In PM, he took me down town to get the fixture we went by for Mary, and all went to Coast to Coast. Light fixtures and a piece to put over the electric range cost $5.25. Back and he put them up and left about 5 o’clock. I gave him $10.00 and he refused, but I made him take it.

We had supper and news. In eve, we saw Groucho, Dragnet, and Fulton J Sheen on TV.

No mail except mags.