If you utter insults you will also hear them -Plautus

Temp 30-42° F

A little warmer but cloudy. Breakfast and news, more snow on the way.

I had just finished the dishes when Mr K came. He begged to come in and see Maurice a minute so I let him. He did not try to talk to him long, but came out in the living room and sat down to tell me all his troubles. Said he would be 87 years old this month. His folks had moved to Wyoming and he was left all alone, and a lot more.

When he left, it was time to get dinner. We had just finished when Dean and Mary came. They were here an hour. I did get over to Griggs for a few things and got home and got supper.

In eve, Godfrey, The Millionaire’s and This is Your Life. No mail.