Honor lies in honest toil -Cleveland

Temp 12-30° F

A little warmer this morning and a very light snow on what we had. Breakfast news and weather. No relief yet from the cold. I did work and put meat on for dinner. Swept and duested teh house and got dinner, had news.

MCG in bed all morning until dinner. After dinner, he typed the checks for the month’s bills and went back to bed. In PM, Mr H was going down to pay his bills and I went along to pay ours and to Safeway for groceries.

Back home and put things away and defrosted the refrigerator. Supper at 5 o’clock. In eve, Stars Inside Story, The Line Up, Big Story and Person to Person. Also Dr Hudson.

Got Nashville Tenn, from Chas about the flood and the Franklin High School burning caused by lightening.