Nothing is so firmly believed as what we least know -Montaigne

Temp 0-22° F

Very cold this morning. Breakfast news and weather, we are to have more cold weather. Not so good.

I did house work, did a finishing touch on Maurice’s pajamas and went to Grigg’s for groceries. Home again and got dinner. Again washed dishes, fed the cats, emptied the slops.

Wrote to Ramona and sat down to write this day’s doings. Sunny and nice.

Maurice is laying down as usualy. He doesn’t not seem to improve very fast. We had supper at 5:50 as did the pups. News and Inside Story, Godrey and His Friends, and The Millionaire. This Is Your Life etc…

Got bank statement and electric bill. I sent out Ramona’s letter air mail to find out what this flood did to them.