Hope ever urges on and tells us tomorrow will be better -Tibullus

Temp 28-32° F

More snow this morning, about 2 inches . I got up at 6 o’clock, had breakfast ready at 7. Maurice feeling worse. It seems to be pleuricy as near as I can tell. He went back to bed and I put the electric on his chest. We could not go for groceries. Dinner at 12 o’clock, news.

In PM, I went to the store and brought home all the groceries I could carry. Stopped at the Webster’s a few minutes. Home and got supper. Maurice got up and ate a little. Had Inside Story and news.

In eve, had The Big Surprise, Big Town, Person to Person, and Dr Hudson’s Secret Journal. Got a birthday card for M.C. from Fay and a dividend check from RCA.