A great bargain make a pause

Temp 28-34° F

A little more snow last night. Breakfast at 7 o’clock. Maurice not feeling very well and went back to bed. I did work and fixed for a birthday dinner for him and a surprise of having Dean and Mary over. He got up at 10 o’clock. They came at 11:30. He was surprised.

We had baked ham, baked beans, baked sweet potatoes, salad and mince pie. Mary brought him a big cake. He ate some of everything but had to lay down again. Mary and I did dishes and visited and Dean went in and talked to Maurice. They left at 4 o’clock.

We had a bite of supper at 6 o’clock. Inside Story and news. In eve, Godfrey and His Friends and went to bed early.

Maurice got a birthday card from Dorothy, from Quincy and our car insurance policy from Boulder.