Energy and persistance conquer all things -Franklin

Temp 30-34° F

Stayed cold all day. Breakfast at 7 o’clock, news and weather. I did the morning chores, and sat down to sew. I fixed a pair of pajamas for myself that were new but too big. Then finished fixing a lavender tea apron that I had for years but never wore.

Got dinner at noon, had more news and weather and the weather is not to improve, more snow to come. In PM, I did not do much except to go over to see Mrs H, for awhile, came back and got supper. We had news, and Inside Story.

In eve, I had the $64,000.00 question, the English lady declined to go on, too much strain. Also, This Is Your Life.

Had a letter from Chas. E.G. has little chance to recover, cancer of the liver.