Men’s rights and privileges are balanced by duties and responsibilities

Temp 30-50° F

Nice again, up and breakfast, news and weather. After work was done, I started sponging the carpet in the breakfast room. Then cleaned up the pups window seat and put clean covers on the lounges in the livingroom.

Maurice worked again on Gauthier’s report. Dinner at 12 o’clock and Maurice laid down. I folded up the ironed clothes and sewed on some missing buttons.

Then went over to see Mrs H…a little while, came back and Dean and Mary came. They stayed an hour…I got supper. Heard news and Inside Story.

In eve, Groucho, Dragnet, Star Theater, and Fulton J Sheen.

Got our tax statement…up again. Got another letter from Chas…E.G. is no better.