Be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath -Bible

Temp 28-47° F

Nice morning and we decided to wash…so as soon as breakfast work was done, we started washing…had it on the line by 10:30. I rested a while and got dinner.

We had news and weather. After dinner, Maurice laid down. I did some cleaning up after the dishes were done. Then got the clothes in. Maurice got up and low and behold, Mr K was at the door. He stayed an hour.

When he left, I began a letter to Dorothy. I didn’t finish it as it was time to feed the dogs and get supper. We had news and Inside Story.

In eve, The $64,000 Question, an English lady answered the $32,000 question. Then This Is Your Life.

Got a letter from Chas…E.G. very ill