Idleness is the holiday of fools -Chesterfield

Temp 28-48° F

Nice day sunny and fine. Up at 6. Breakfast at 7…news, and weather. It is to continue so I did the morning work and started on getting Christmas decorations put away. Then fixed a shirt for Maurice.

He emptied the trash burner and burned the extra of yesterday then worked on tax exemptions for Gauthier, on what he had paid us this year. By then I did dinner cooking and we at at 12:15.

In PM, he laid down as he was very tired. I made to covers for the living room lounges. Dean and Mary came for a while. Supper at 5:30. Inside Story…then Firestone, Break The Bank, and Talent Scouts.

Mail brought a letter from Butler Bros…very good news. A dividend of stocks, we think from what it said.