Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle -Michelangelo

Temp 32-42° F

Breakfast at 7 o’clock. Nice morning, sunny and not very cold. I did work and baked a cake and frosted it and made a pudding. Maurice went back to bed until 10:30 and go up to hear Gun Smoke.

We had dinner at 12 o’clock and news. I did dishes and then washed some windows and got the rest of the Xmas decorations down. I did not get through my work until 2:30 and felt I could enjoy a little rest.

At 5:30 I got some supper and we had news. In eve, we saw Ozark Jubilee, Two For The Money, Lawrence Welk…he broadcast from Houston Texas.

Mail brought a letter from Chas and a dividend check from Butler Bro’s for $6.45